Our Story

SF Nutrition was founded by, James Stark. 

James has extensive knowledge and an incredible passion for fitness. Being a personal coach for many years, he became frustrated with the limited number of natural, delicious protein brands in the market that he could recommend to his clients... so he took the reins in his own hands and behold, SFN was born!

SFN is a premium, 100% natural, locally sourced product that is great for your health, tastes absolutely incredible (we are not biased, honest!), and delivers awesome results that gives everyone a day to day option to support their lifestyle!

Fuel yourself with SF Nutrition's 100% natural supplements


Here at SF Nutrition, we are super proud of the UK origins of our products. Right through from farm to factory and onto our storage hub, we are safe in the knowledge all our products are 100% natural and with you in mind.