Welcome to "SFNHERO" the exclusive VIP athlete & influencer program. You have either landed here or been invited to join which will enable you to become part of the SF Nutrition team receiving potential benefits such as:

  • #SFNHERO Discount %
  • Monthly Credit to spend on product
  • Chance to feature in professional photo & video shoots.
  • Chance to become a full-time #CORE brand ambassador
  • Regular meet-ups with other #HEROES and #CORE team

Please fill the form out below to join - the first stage will provide you with the following benefits:

  • 10% commission on all sales generated from your unique link or discount code
  • 10% discount to people who use your discount code
  • 30% personal discount across the website

Requirements for account Approval:

  • Active on social media 
  • Good level and applicable content
  • Minimum of 2k followers

 #SFNHEROES accounts will only be approved to those actively competing or performing in an industry related to the brand image and direction.

Your account will be reviewed weekly, high performing accounts will be moved up accordingly to receive more lucrative benefits. Please make sure you are following our main account @sfnutrition which is solely used to promote professionally shot product and which is to re-post influencer & customer media on Instagram.

When tagging or promoting product for your followers to make a purchase please direct them to @sfnutrition and www.sfnutrition.co.uk any questions relating to the affiliate program please DM @sfnutrition or email hello@sfnutrition.co.uk direct on Instagram.